Métron Musik Mixtape - 024 - Vruno

Métron Musik Mixtape - 024 - Vruno

Following in the footsteps of El Buga and Derrok, Vruno is our latest Chilean contributor. The Valparaiso born producer recently relocated to beautiful Berlin, a city he describes as something of a natural home for his music loving personality. His focus is dedicated to the research of ethnic sounds from South America which he uses to inform his own more contemporary musical creations, blending dub, folk, Cumbia and house to glorious effect. From my conversations with him, Vruno also seems like a man for an adventure and a good time.

I first heard his music when I stumbled across his fine ‘Arrebol' LP on Konn Records, and then when I was introduced to the brilliant collaboration with Derrok on their ‘Gunni’ EP - be sure to check this one out if you haven’t yet. I was delighted when he agreed to produce a mixtape for us. Vruno has a reputation for exciting live and DJ performances, insisting that the crowd enjoys the moment as much as he does, and his Métron Musik Mixtape is as energetic as it is eclectic, featuring exclusive new pieces as well as a plethora of tracks from over the years. 

Having just finished a run of European dates, Vruno will be playing at Wilde Möhre Festival in Germany on August 13. If you want to hear more of his music check out his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages for a ton of great material including a terrific new track free to download taken from Hawaii Bonsai’s new ‘Cumbia Libertad’ compilation that was released this week.


I spoke with Vruno about his recent move to Berlin and his plans going forward...


JH: Hey dude, thanks again for putting together this mix for us, it’s ace. Can you talk to us a little about the mix and the material you decided to feature on it?

V: Always when im inviting to make a mixtape I do it with a clear north to reach, also respect for the music im playing and trying to speak to the listeners with this tracks I choose and I think this mixtape is not an exception; I choose this tracks really careful, like when the Chef is making a nice meal for people who love... In this case my ingredients for this meal are some of my own creations and music I really love ... 

JH: You and I have spoken a lot over the past few months and I know you’ve been on a pretty tough ordeal trying to relocate to Berlin - it’s an amazing city how have you found the scene?

V: Berlin is like my second home, the first moment when i get here was that weird experience like you was here before... like nothing new, nothing really special, like you was always from there, but you was far away and is good to come back home, the problem is when you got no visa for that, hahaha, but that is another history ... I love to dance and listen new music, so perfect match, I love to always have the chance to go and listing good producers and djs ... nice audio systems and so on...  

JH: Do you feel like moving to Europe is the best way to try and develop yourself as an artist? 

V: Moving Europe, Hmmm tricki question, hahaha, I don't know, I think we are surrounded by experience anywhere we are, any step you do the world is gonna take you to unknown places, with unknown people, with unknown culture or languages, etc... so the experience you are earning is nice wherever you are... But yeah I love to be here and have my chances to show to the people what is the chilean flavor, I love to see the people dancing, smiling each other, screaming, jumping like a nice and union tribe, like brothers, like a family <3 ... I love to take them into this hypnotic musical journey ... and I think they are start to like it to ... but for develop my self, its means looking always forward, studying, listing thinks I didn't know what i like, going to places I dint know before... life is a never ending school and I love to earn daily knowledge :)

JH: What do you have planned for 2016 and beyond?

V: My plans for 2016, wow haha hard to explain, every time Im make a plan for my life, nothing happens so I quit the idea "making plans for the future" , I put myself in this road of music, I want to go to the places I don't know, where I don't know what Im doing there and feel the new information to after transform that memories in music, so I choose music will decide for my future, I will be faithful to music, that is my plan ... so she will know where to put me ... cause she got already my hear ... and I cant give nothing more honest, unique and true than love ...

JH: Can you recommend to us some music that we may not have had a chance to hear yet?

V: Ooo mann! music I recommend? wow hard one! is like when people ask me, what kind of music do I listen at? - from Led Zeppelin to traditional Mongolian music...

what I recommend could be listing some Mantras, certain frequencies videos from youtube, go to the forest area and listing the trees as talk among themselves, guided by the wind ... listing to your heart and some cumbia... cumbia can fix everything ... 

JH: Thanks dude. Best of luck with the rest of the year and thanks again for contributing.

V: thanks for make invite me be part of this Metron Musik ...!

Original artwork for the mix created by Jack Hardwicke.