Métron Musik Mixtape - 010 - Batu Ozer

Métron Musik Mixtape - 010 - Batu Ozer

I found Batu-Ozer via a fantastic podcast on Urban Cosmonaut Radio (be sure to check them out) - When I delved a little deeper I found an artist and DJ focusing on a sound indebted to his Turkish roots, but more over a producer exploring beneath the soil of lands far and wide.

In his fantastic new Métron Musik Mixtape the Istanbul native paints a vivid journey across a hazy desert, passing through small villages and strange characters along the way. Batu balances a tense energy with the contrasting stillness of open space. 

If you want to hear more about Batu Ozer you can follow him on Soundcloud & Bandcamp too.

Full interview comings soon


Batu Ozer - No Name (unreleased)Batu Ozer - Esychia (unreleased)

Batu Ozer - Klapa (unreleased)

Ayub Ogada - Obiero (Batu Ozer Edit)

Nicola C - Sendero

Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder - Ayun (Ninze Remix)

Oceanvs Orientalis FeatRami - Guangzhou

Miajica - I Forgot About Love (Acid Pauli Remix) 

Batu Ozer - Vaciu

Victor Norman - Woodwork


The original artwork below was created exclusively for the mixtape by Jack Hardwicke.